Accelerated Time-to-market for leading travel technology company in US


The key objective of the client was to:

  • Improve time to market of changes Reverse Proxy server managing Web Service requests into the mainframe reservation system built on Sprint Cloud Gateway Framework & Redis.
  • Optimize processes and reduce dependency on resources.

About the Client

  • Leading travel technology company in US.
  • The client leverages Mainframe, Web and Mobile platform as distribution channels for its travel products and services.

Our Solution

  • Partnering with the client, we successfully provided the needed solution: –
  • Architected, Designed, Developed and Implemented automated Workflow where CI creates a CR in SNOW and on approvals SNOW triggers CD to environments
  • AdfarTech DevSecOps Framework and best practices leveraged.
  • Continuous visibility into the process with build, release and test details for end to end traceability.
Accelerated Time-to-market for leading travel technology company in US

Delivering More Value

  • Change Management Process: Integrated Change Management with CI/CD enabling end to end automated workflow
  • Productivity: Up to 65% improvement in productivity.
  • Cycle time: Up to 75% reduction in cycle time.
  • Efficiency: Reduction in time to market with more frequent and faster releases from weekly to daily and on-demand.
  • Collaboration: Increased Cross-team collaboration
  • Dependency: Reduced dependency on Reverse Proxy Server resulted in reduction in Cycle time of Web Services
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