AdfarTech Helps QBE implement Pega Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

The Client

QBE Insurance is one of the world’s leading international insurers and reinsurers. QBE offers commercial, personal and specialty products and risk management solutions to help people and businesses manage risks. QBE operates in 3 geographic-based operating divisions (North America, International and AUSPAC) and employs 12,000 + people.

QBE European Operations (QBE UK & Europe), like any insurance firm has various processes across departments such as claims, underwriting, credit control, re-insurance. Volume of requests to these processes are huge. Most of the processes involve repetitive steps, manual data load and shift between multiple applications. Time taken by user to perform these repeatable processes were high which increased processing time and delayed delivery.

Business Challenge

As part of its digital transformation program, QBE needed a way to free up employees’ time so they could focus on delivering greater value for customers–reducing manual tasks, benefitting the insurer, and boosting customer satisfaction in the process.


AdfarTech assisted QBE European Operations (QBE UK & Europe) by automating 40+ processes across claims, credit control, underwriting and re-insurance departments using Pega Robotics in a phased manner

These processes include reading and extracting data from documents/emails, opening, and filing emails, and performing calculations in various applications. Applications include claims management system, policy centre, payment systems, document management system and interact with windows, web-based applications.

RPA bots are scheduled and on completion, pass status of execution of each record to a human through email & reports, so employees are put to work where it matters most – for example, resolving an exception from report. Using Pega Robotics, claims handlers were able to free up hundreds of hours per week, while bots across both teams automate, speed up processes, and ensure the right information is delivered to the right people. Not only are they saving insurers time, but customers too.

Our Engagement with QBE

AdfarTech Helps QBE implement Pega Robotic Process Automation


AdfarTech has delivered Pega RDA & RPA services in partnership with QBE EO from 2020 onwards to improve customer service and free up employees to work on more strategic tasks across the business.

Market proven attended and unattended automation solution has benefited on enhancing customer servicing capability of QBE with robots able to run 12 hours a day 5 days per week, monitored and managed through Pega Robot Manager.

AdfarTech has exceeded industry standards for RPA by following RPA best practice’s and by implementing the latest features such as, Robot Auto-Balancing CyberArk Integration and enabling parallel processing for quicker resolution. RPA integration with Pega Case – for example, one of the automations is run using various parameters counting to 45+ RPA automations processing around 15,000 transactions per week.

Problems addressed by AdfarTech

  • Growth and speed of delivery of RDAs
  • Enhanced technical capability with move to RPA (RPA Assessment & Implementation)
  • Introducing improved Credential Management (CyberArk)
  • In addition to projects, AdfarTech provides BAU support (incidents, CRs) as well as perform Robot Manager Administrator role.


  • 40+ RDA & RPA bots (Total 150+) implemented across the business, which automate tens of thousands of transactions every week.
  • 50,000 working hours per year freed across departments.
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