Anti-Phishing – Reduction in Email Investigation Analyst and SLA

$103K Savings on cost of operations

The Client

A Top 20 U.S. Bank



1. Poor turn around and investigation /Identification of Phishing Emails. Had difference in opinion on cases

2. Limited access to investigation websites needed for final decisions of case

3. Several emails with external attachments pending in queue without any action

4. Frequent chances of not achieving TAT


Solution & Execution

1. Calls & discussion with Onshore. Attain Access to required 3rd Party Websites for better investigation

2. Guidance and training the team

3. Identification of new resources & introduced Extended Service window

4. Introducing Bi-monthly audits

5. Sharing Quality Feedback’s Regularly and coming up with performance improvement plans

6. Weekly review calls & Audits

7. Creation of SOP’s and guidelines

8. Created detailed training plans for resource training

9. Internal QA procedures introduced for maintaining efficiency

10. Empowered team with strong process knowledge


Value Delivered

1. 100% SLA conformance

2. 98% and Above Quality

3. Faster email investigation response time

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