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Recognizing that its employees needed to work more smartly and efficiently, the client wanted to implement a modern, efficient Digital Workplace. AdfarTech delivered a future-proofed, innovative, and intelligent workplace, enabling the client to transform the experience of its workforce while optimizing efficiency and boosting productivity. The customer wanted to have an intelligent dashboard (single-pane-of-glass) to review the state of business services.

About the Client

The client is the largest and the oldest cement and building material company in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Business Challenge

  • A high volume of repetitive issues; top ticket volume contributors—Password Reset, Software Installation, Browser Issues, PC Performance Issues, Asset Tracking, and Availability Compliance
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of end-user support services
  • Meet users’ rising expectations for fast, intuitive, self-service
  • Boost end-user productivity, for example by increasing activity volumes and the numbers of user requests resolved
  • Implement new technology and governance model, including a new standardized organization, toolset, and services.
  • Compliance and Management of end-user devices software and patch Installations
  • Due to the hosting of hybrid infrastructure in multiple geographical locations and unavailability of a single source of truth, there was huge MTTR and poor capacity planning
  • Reactive and siloed monitoring was resulting in frequent outages in business-critical applications
  • Human-driven IT asset lifecycle and fault management

Our Solution

AdfarTech leveraged its AIOps platform and provided an intelligent single-pane-of-glass to manage the client’s IT environment effectively. AdfarTech transformed the client’s legacy and discrete end-user environment to its Digital Workplace, which is a suite of intelligent tools and support services, embedding automation and self-services for optimization, efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness. It includes the following features:

  • Self-heals and auto-remediates repetitive tasks
  • Self-Service Password Reset for Active Directory and SAP
  • Enterprise AppStore for self-service software installation
  • Single-click scripted solution for end-users, such as browser-related issues and PC performance issues
  • Auto-Heal solution for PC performance optimization
  • Transformed processes using global best practices
  • Patch Management Dashboard for Patch Compliance Monitoring and Adherence

Delivering More Value

  • 21% Password Reset tickets were deflected towards end-users
  • 7% software distribution requests were fulfilled using AdfarTech AppStore and other one-click solutions
  • Increased first-time fix rate and lowered the reopening tickets
  • Enhanced end-user satisfaction
  • Self-services enabled workplace to accelerate service speed and efficiency
  • Fewer incidents at Service Desk
  • Better and faster user experiences
  • Continuous improvement with higher transparency, quality, and level of reporting.
  • Prediction centered around pattern-based events & alerts, and actionable conclusions for performance incidents so that false alarms could be ignored and reaction time could be shortened
  • 60% reduction in alerts through event correlation and deduplication
  • Single dashboard for business applications, availability management, performance management, analysis, and reporting
  • Alerts based on historic performance and consumption taking into account the day, time, load, related services, and devices resulting in increased availability
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