Audit & Case Management Solution for a Public Sector Unit, India

Key Challenges

  • No integrated process from Audit planning to execution.
  • No centralized process and document repository, resulting in high time to execute Audits.
  • Lack of coordination between offices across geographies affecting wholistic Audit results
  • No advanced features to provide informed & next step strategic decisions.

AdfarTech built an Audit and Management Platform using Pega, MDM, OpenText:

  • Developed integrated Audit and Management platform consisting of Pega, OpenText, MDM, Reporting Engine to do audit planning, offline processing, creating Audit knowledge repository and artifacts.
  • Solution scaled up to 30000 users across 180 sites.
  • Solution could meet varied process, org complexity with minimal development effort using Pega’s advanced features such as NBA, situational layer cake, predictive analysis.
  • Solution enabled users to operate from remote locations with no internet connectivity using Pega’s offline OOTB features reducing manual data entry effort.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Audit operation cost and effort by ~40%
  • Reduced effort and budget over-run while executing long running & multi geographies audits.
  • Solution provided Optical Character Reading (OCR) capabilities automating case creation and reducing manual effort 30%
  • Designed audit tool kit, leveraging advance KM features which ensured audit in a more controlled environment.
  • Enabled multi-language support which resulted in faster retrieval and search of document and data across various components of the solution.
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