Automation of Record Tracking System

Key Challenges

  • Sheriff’s Office Record Tracking System (SORTS) is an application within DoJ on which the civil cases are handled by various users like Sheriff Officers, Civil Operations Users (COU), Officers-In-Charge (OIC), Regional Managers and others
  • The legacy SORTS application doesn’t meet the technological needs anymore.
  • The application is not scalable to changing operational needs.
  • Case workflows and data are not related together resulting in large maintenance efforts and time.
  • There is no integration with external applications like JusticeLink and Revenue NSW.
  • The existing reports are manual via spreadsheets and emails.

AdfarTech along with Pega Systems, built a solution using Case Management to:

  • Effectively automate the existing processes thereby reducing the turn-around-time from operational front.
  • Simplify the UI and configurations for business and admin users to manage the operations easily.
  • Enhance the seamlessness by integrating with Justice Link and Revenue NSW applications to auto-process updates and notifications.
  • Improve the reporting capabilities and auto-scheduling of reports via emails.
  • Elevate the customer experience via real-time correspondence to external parties.

Business Benefits

  • Automated processes and correspondence capabilities.
  • Secured application that is available on cloud.
  • Seamless experience with access to JusticeLink and integration with Revenue NSW applications.
  • Robust audit tracking tracing to minute levels.
  • Improved reporting and access management features.
  • Though not quantified by the client, the expected FTEs would reduce by around 30%.
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