Border Management Solution with real time screening and reporting of passenger flight data


World’s leading specialist in air transport communications and Information Technology (IT) was facing challenges in obtaining accurate data and tracking of passengers travelling across countries via air. Scanning via manual checking and CCTV scanning could not ensure security of the borders from any suspicious traveler.


Our client wanted to enhance efficiency of borders by implementing advance risk assessment system that can assist in validation of traveler’s document, verify information against watch-list registries that can provide results for allow/deny boarding for passengers in smooth manner.


Our solution includes applications in the border management domain used by Governments of various countries. This involves acquiring large volumes of traveler’s data from airlines, risk assessment tools with integration to government databases and providing comprehensive metrics on border operations.

Solution tenets

1. Traveler’s data is pulled from PNR, APP, APIS and other multiple sources in various formats. Advanced screening of data is done and is pushed through a data parsing system. This system applies business rules to data acquired for data normalization and correlation. This data is then converted into desired formats as per business rules for viewing and reporting.

2. The system identifies and validates traveler’s travel documents from APP, PNR, VISA and Bio-metrics and verifies traveler’s information against watch-list registries.

3. System ensures compliance of Immigration Policies and security directives by standardizing data, pre-screening of passengers’ data prior to departure thereby identifying suspects leading to alert processing and risk scoring.

4. Risk scores and alerts creates interventions for allow/deny entry. Information of allowed passengers is also stored for reference and tracking.

5. “Data Acquisition System” for Advanced Risk Assessment System for border security is a basis for structured assessment of threat from air passengers crossing borders.


1. Took over project in RED from an incumbent vendor and delivered successfully.

2. AdfarTech as a development partner to our client, has successfully delivered Data Acquisition systems for 10+ countries.

3. Implementation of Spring ROO framework to auto-generate code for CRUD operations reduced the development time by 50%

4. Continuous focus on bringing down technical debt by enhancing code coverage and reducing SONAR and Klocworks violations.

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