Cloud Migration and implementation following DevSecOps practice for a high-speed European Rail company

Tech Overview

  • Migration – AWS Migration Hub- Application migration service and server migration service
  • Compute – EC2, Beanstalk, Lambda,
  • Database – RDS, Dynamo DB
  • Management & Governance – Auto scaling, Cloud Formation, Cloud Trail, Cloud Watch
  • Storage – AWS Backup, EFS, S3
  • Networking – VPC, Direct Connect

Business Challenges

  • The client had over 50 business-critical applications to be migrated to AWS Cloud
  • Few hurdles the client was facing were- Increase in IT operational cost, Legacy infrastructure environment, Manual build and release processes, Non-alignment of SLAs with business needs, Lack of technical architects, increased traffic load etc.

Solution Offered

  • AdfarTech migrated all the services from two data centers (from 2 locations) in 9 sprints to AWS.
  • The key milestones in the project were:
  • Robust, Flexible, and Achievable Plan: Delivery of services as per business criticality was planned in such a way that learning from each sprint was fed to the subsequent sprint.
  • Migration and Delivery Approach: Lift & shift approach using AWS migration services using agile practices by identifying key applications and their dependencies.
  • CI-CD: Infrastructure as a Code: Services for new project were launched using Cloud-formation scripts, Jenkins and Ansible
  • Monitor and Secure: Cloud tools (CloudWatch, CloudTrail, WAF) were planned and implemented

Value Delivered

  • Reduction of operational cost by approximately 30%
  • Migration of 50+ business critical applications and 200+ servers from on premise IT infrastructure to cloud within strict timelines.
  • Out of these services the major one was EDCS(Eurostar Departure Control System) which benefited Eurostar to make passengers travel hassle free.
  • Infrastructure as Code helped in automating the provisioning of the environments fast without any errors
  • Monitoring solution helped in debugging problems and optimizing the costs
  • Logging helped in governance by identifying the activities performed on the environment
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