Contact Center Backoffice Management for a German Railway Company


The contact center, having agents in multiple locations, had a requirement to close the calls routing to a specific location, in case of any emergency. AdfarTech stepped in to automate the task to improve contact center operations, eliminate manual efforts, and human error.

About the client

A high-speed train service provider, the client, connects the United Kingdom to other parts of Europe. The client was the official train carrier for the 2012 London Olympics and links over 100 destinations across Europe.

Business Challenge

In case of any emergency, calls routed to one of the contact center locations need to be closed for some time. The manual implementation of the closing and opening of lines was time-consuming and prone to human error.

Our Solution

AdfarTech proposed a solution to automate this task with minimal effort. The contact center supervisor can dial a number from anywhere and enter a 6-digit pass code to activate or deactivate the fire alarm for any location.

Delivering more value

  • Time Savings:

The automation saved time for the supervisor and removed the dependency of a back end support team to make the changes.

  • Fault-Tolerant:

The process minimized human intervention – automatically eliminating human error throughout the process.

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