Data Lakehouse on AWS Databricks


Enable the airline ingest the heterogeneous and diversified data sources into the newly designed data lake house and the EDW using Data-bricks technology, to meet the Enterprise Analytical needs for faster and robust business decision making.

Our Solution

  • Design and development of the Data Lake house and the EDW on AWS Data bricks platform
  • Data ingestion from heterogeneous sources like Greenplum, Oracle and reading different file types like csv, json, and fixed width (imp) etc.
  • Delta and Hive table creation using spark and spark-sql.
  • Designed 4 data layers vis – Bronze, Silver, Silver-derived, and Gold.
  • De-dup, Cleansing and SCD implementation at Silver and Silver-derived level
  • All required business use case implementation
  • Visualization and Dashboard creation
  • AdfarTech roles are implementation of the end-to-end solution – from setting up the AWS Data-bricks environment to Staging, Ingesting, Enriching, Curating to Publishing the data.


  • Data Lake-house and Enterprise Data Warehouse for all Enterprise DSS needs
  • Enterprise wide cleansed, de-duplicated and analytics ready data
  • Managed data along with well managed history data
  • Robust Data quality and Data Governance processes provided assurance and improved adoption of the platform
  • Use Case driven actionable road map to achieve incremental benefits
  • An enterprise wide futuristic, scalable and robust analytical workbench for impactful and robust business decision making
Data Lakehouse on AWS Databricks
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