Helped a global manpower company achieve operational excellence

The Client

They are one of the world’s largest manpower and talent acquisition companies, with a global footprint.

Business Challenge

The company had varying subsidiaries, offerings, and service lines across the globe. Acquisitions spanned Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada and United States. Each company had different business processes, terminology, services offered and infrastructure.

The client wanted to maximize the potential of its acquisitions by growing its business. To do this, it needed to bring all of the acquired companies under a common umbrella and standardize their processes. Each company had its own unique process with some commonalities with the parent organization.

A key imperative was to harness any advantageous capabilities of the acquired companies and bring them into the mainstream. This integration needed to happen across all aspects of the business, including business processes, data, and technology platforms.

They also wanted to derive more value from the various unique services being offered by the acquired companies. This meant that the acquired companies could access and take advantage of technology, analytics, research and reporting from other entities as well as the parent. It also necessitated upgrading the technology and application platforms being used including integration with global functions.

This integration effort would allow the company to realize the operational potential of its acquisitions. By bringing all of the companies together and deriving increased value, the company sought to also create a playbook for future acquisitions.

AdfarTech Solution

AdfarTech embarked on an initial Enterprise Architecture Study of the parent and acquired companies. We held workshops with each of the companies to determine their strengths and weaknesses and service offerings. The workshops also served in determining the business capabilities, business processes, and application architectures present. The assessment resulted in the formulation of the strategy and roadmap for an Enterprise Architecture function and a Target Operating model for the firm.

Working with the client, we established a common business language and taxonomy. An Enterprise Data Model derived from business architecture was created. With the AS-IS and TO-BE and gaps identified, initiatives from the roadmap presented were kicked off. During implementation, AdfarTech delivered multiple programs to unify data, rationalize applications, create portals, and integrate services aligned to the roadmap.


As a result of the efforts by the AdfarTech teams, the company created and embarked on a holistic EA strategy. More than 100 databases were unified and reduced to a central Enterprise Data Warehouse. A central Operational Data Store was created to feed just-in-time and non-historical data analytics from data across the globe. This eliminated hundreds of person-hours spent every day by subsidiaries globally. With the commissioning of an Application Portfolio Management system, multiple redundancies were identified. The applications inventory in the enterprise was reduced by 50%. The rationalization of the licenses also resulted in a 25% reduction in cost. In addition, new customer facing global applications were developed that marked the Next-Gen of applications for the enterprise.


We understand that Enterprise Architecture can be hard. It requires the right set of people, methodology and extensive experience. AdfarTech’s Enterprise Architecture practice is geared to assist our clients with taking their strategic initiatives to action. Our offerings and services include:

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