Hybrid cloud implementation for a leading US based hedge fund


The client wanted a smooth migration of their multiple Line of Business (LOB) applications to the cloud from existing on-premises infrastructure.


  • AfarTech solutions are always forward thinking and expansion centric for our clients bringing the most amount of Automation and Elasticity to processes. We implemented an optimal use of S3, Glacier, and Cloud Ranger & AWS Backup to ensure RTO & RPO objectives for all LOB Applications.
  • Due to the complexity of required Microservices architecture with the particular Hedge Fund, we chose AWS and implemented it using Terraform, which automates manual configurations thereby reducing human errors.
  • Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. We were able to save time and costs by using this open-source tool & built Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC). Brought in added Quality & ownership by creating a dedicated account for each LO


  • Cost Saving, Open Source Terraform used to build IaaC , to save on downtime while migration
  • Custom Splunk Dashboard was integrated in the Cloud with centralized monitoring Tools “CloudWatch” & “ CloudTrail” to give the management a birds eye view of the organization and real time data to make quick decisions.
  • AWS Config used to ensure Standard baselines for Compliance auditing & Security Analysis was maintained.
  • Data Security ensured by AWS KMS implantation for Data when At Use or Idle.
  • Created a Fully automated DevOps Pipeline using WS CodeCommit, Elastic Container Services to ensure CI/CD objectives. Now the client is able to test their application and deploy it on the production environment without downtime.
Hybrid cloud implementation for a leading US based hedge fund
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