Implementation of an Integrated IT System for a Leading Container Carrier and Logistics Provider


A growing economy throws open numerous opportunities for the shipping industry. In order to handle the competition, our client, a leading container carrier and logistics provider, engaged with us for the implementation of a new system that would integrate agencies and provide real-time information. We implemented a comprehensive and fully integrated web-based product, shaped by new ideas that delivered more value to the client—reduced cost of operations and improved productivity levels.

About the Client

A leading container carrier and logistics provider, the client owns and operates 41 container vessels in more than 70 destinations in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. They are among the top 25 carriers in terms of market share with annual revenues of USD 500 million.

Business Challenge

The client was looking at ways to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the thriving shipping industry. To do so, the company needed to put forth a strategic IT implementation plan with a focus on system integration. The existing IT setup lacked the capability to integrate with agencies across Asia and the Middle East and provide real-time information on Vessel Schedule, Allocations, Product Catalogue, Bookings, Bill of Lading etc.

The existing IT systems were disparate and performed localized functions. There was a high degree of manual intervention. Lack of a centralized data and document repository resulted in data duplication and hampered performance. A comprehensive and fully integrated product was needed to help employees take informed decisions.

On the infrastructure front, there was need for centralized equipment across all the destinations.

The client needed an IT implementation partner with the capability to provide necessary consulting inputs and draw up the IT road-map.

Our Solution

Drawing on expertise from strategic partnerships, we collaborated with a solution partner—Trade Ship—that helped us develop a concrete integration plan focused on improving the efficiency and performance of the client’s IT environment. Trade Ship’s SeaLiner, a comprehensive and fully integrated web-based product, addressed the client’s requirements from integration to collaboration. SeaLiner modules integrated well with the client’s IT ecosystem and comprised a combination of several automated features that help maintain a high level of flexibility to support business processes.

Apart from product implementation through our solution partner, we provided Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 support and maintenance services. The support and maintenance services were provided in agency agreement, billing, booking, cross application, documentation export/import, equipment, intermodal job, product catalogue, quotation, ship husbandry, ship planning, terminal operations, terminal storage, vendor management, and vessel schedule sub-domains.

Delivering More Value

The implementation resulted in remarkable improvement in efficiency and productivity levels for the client.

More Efficiency: Our standardized and user-friendly solution helped the client in increasing productivity. Productivity improved by approximately 25% for a number of ticket closures. More Satisfaction: The use of support tools helped the client in taking quick business decisions. Alert notifications to agents and the client’s management team ensured that issues were resolved quickly. We delivered 100% on agreed SLAs. More Savings: The use of our productivity tools reduced the overall development and maintenance time. It also reduced the cost involved in maintaining and supporting the system. The total cost of operations was also reduced.

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