Implementing ground handling suite of applications

Airports around the world are experiencing heavy traffic, which increases complexity to ensure the safety of customers and ground staff while staying complaint. Airport ground handling services are a mix of multiple vendors/third-party providers, staff, ATC, crew, caterers, baggage control, etc. They form an interdisciplinary organization that needs to work together for smooth airport operations. The synchronous management of distinct entities is crucial to gain maximum effectiveness of airport operations.

AdfarTech offers a flexible, reliable, customizable, and scalable solution for ground-handling operations at airports worldwide. Our ground-handling suite has been implemented across airports, including Heathrow Terminal 5 and Gatwick.

AdfarTech supports the implementation of the ground-handling suite of applications across:

Stands Management/Gate Management

AdfarTech is responsible for supporting and enhancing multiple ground handling operations using the “GroundStar” suite of products by “INFORM Gmbh” . Our gate management system supported the implementation and delivered real-time allocation of stands at Heathrow & Gatwick airports.

An automated process for consolidation of Gate Management Allocator’s actions and creation of an audit tool allows businesses to access critical audit data for managing flight-delays and investigating health & safety issues.

Aircraft Movement

Part of the suite of ‘Inform’ products. Aircraft Movement is responsible for the movement of the aircraft. This application receives flight schedules and updates. Also does the allocation of tasks via Vodafone GPRS onto hand-held devices known as RDT’s (Radio Data Terminal).

AdfarTech supported the massive program of implementation of the ground-handling suite of applications at the newly built terminal Heathrow Terminal 5. After go-live, support for all applications was provided from Day1.

Passenger and Crew Coaching

Also called GTS, it is responsible for the movement of Passenger & Crew between Terminals & Aircraft.

Baggage Logistics

Our baggage logistics application is responsible for the movement of baggage between terminals & aircraft. From loading to arrival at the destination, all the information is provided in real-time until the bag reaches its owner.

Cargo Alerts

ALERTS is a decision support system for the real-time scheduling of resources, in a time-critical environment under operational constraints. ALERTS is responsible for the movement of cargo between terminals & aircraft.

Ramp Loading

Ramp Loading is responsible for:

  • Offloading Cargo and Baggage from Arrivals
  • Loading Cargo, Baggage onto Departures
  • Offloading and loading Turnarounds within the available ground time

Passenger Services Unit

PSU is responsible for the allocation of resources at the terminals for:

  • Customer service desk
  • Lounge
  • Gate arrival/departures
  • Check-in
  • Fast bag drops
  • Club reception

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Flight Information Display System for Heathrow and Gatwick.

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