Improved accuracy & efficiency of quality audits in disbursements for Property Insurance

The Client

A leading provider of specialty insurance

Business Challenge

Quality audits performed manually using multiple excel sheets and Microsoft Access-based tools made it difficult to consolidate and analyse data


  • Input files for quality audit received through emails, data was distributed and collated through Excel files & shared/ stored in excel format
  • Managing workflow & reporting was time consuming as data stored in multiple excel files
  • Checklist not followed strictly in audits


The AdfarTech solution – a centralized QA platform which supports:

  • Assignment of data (once uploaded) through Copasys to different auditors; auditors perform the audit & save the results on the platform. Reports generated through PowerBI and exported, thereby reducing several manual steps.
  • All audits results stored on the Copasys platform, eliminating the need for storing data in excel files.
  • The audit has a step-by-step flow so that none of the mandatory checks are missed, ensuring accuracy of audits.
  • Ease in generating various reports for management review

Value Delivered

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual steps in workflow management
  • Improve accuracy in audits
  • Manage data & report audit results efficiently through a centralized platform
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