Improved customer acquisition & streamlined user behavior through Site Usability Analysis

Problem Statement

Client is a big player in the electronic goods market gloablly. Client is having trouble with a lot of data coming in from different sources and a lot of people using the site without clear goals for the visitors. The main problem is that people are leaving and not getting involved.

Our Solution

The Digital Marketing team at AdfarTech was able to assist in the process of client acquisition as well as better analyse consumer behaviour in terms of intent, relevancy, and satisfaction through various tools and techniques.


  • Determine which routes on the site are the most travelled.
  • Determine Which Page or Section Has the Highest Amount of Time Spent
  • Examine the sites of entry and exit.
  • Visitation to the webpage during the day
  • Determine the patterns of the traffic.
  • Establish the Point of Return
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