Patient Experience Solution Development Partner for a leading RCM solution and services provider in US


Patient scheduling and referral management is a key component of the healthcare revenue cycle management process and is often a pain area for referring providers and health systems. Client’s patient experience solution delivers enhanced value to its healthcare provider customers by enabling them to offer digital front doors for self-service of their patients, improving operating efficiency and patient retention. The EHR-agnostic patient experience platform allows patients to search for physicians, schedule appointments, and complete their onboarding across all care settings, resulting in an improved experience and streamlined workflows for patient scheduling and access teams

The Client

The client is a US-based leading provider of revenue cycle management services and solutions to healthcare providers. Its EHR-agnostic patient access and care coordination solutions support thousands of providers and sites of care across the US.

Business Challenge

The client’s patient experience solution needed a revamp of its existing patient scheduling and pre-registration capabilities to allow a user/patient to perform appointment scheduling and registration in a “single window”. Prior to this initiative, the client was helping patients perform the 2 functions separately resulting in a lot of operational challenges for the patients and the providers at the time of the patient’s visit to the provider’s care site. Also, the process of sending an Order packet to their financial clearance center for scheduling and registration was broken. Moreover, the UI of the application had to be built to perform the “single window” operation.

Our Solution

AdfarTech worked with the client as the app development partner for this initiative and introduced 2 teams to individually focus on improving and stabilizing the core foundation of the platform, along with delivering the business outcome of a “single-window” operation.

To deliver the business outcome, the AdfarTech team performed the following activities.

  • Refactor the existing monolithic components into deployable services to enable the “single-window” application development
  • Development of application functionalities across services such as Patient Demographics capture, Eligibility and Benefits determination, Cost Estimation, Coverage exceptions, Authorization exceptions, Medical Necessity, Financial Counseling etc
  • .The work involved the adoption of microservices and domain-driven design principles

The AdfarTech team revamped the core of the application across the following areas.

  • Built a DevOps pipeline for this development
  • Consolidate the middleware platform to SoftwareAG
  • Built new Framework components on .NET Core V3+
  • Migration to Linux servers for the application tier
  • Introduction of Elastic infra, e.g. Kubernetes management, on client’s existing IBM/Skytap Cloud platform
  • Migration to NoSQL from existing MS SQL Server database
  • Application performance improvement

The AdfarTech team is now also driving the migration of applications from the current IBM/Skytap environment to AWS and the adoption of serverless architecture.

Delivering more value:

AdfarTech was able to add value to the client’s program with the following outcomes.

  • Leveraged multiple AdfarTech capabilities such as Application engineering and legacy modernization with microservices design, integration services redesign, DevOps, QA Automation, Cloud adoption (IBM to AWS), Infra (app servers and databases) migration to drive synergies and offer cost and productivity improvement benefits to the customer.
  • Introduced outcome-based development with the introduction of development SLAs for releases and sprints, providing better cost and operational efficiency for the engineering team.
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