Rail availability and reservations for one of the biggest Railroad Enterprise of UK

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UK’s one of the biggest Rail owns, operates and develops most of Great Britain’s railway network and infrastructure. It maintains 20,000+ miles of railway track, 30,000+ bridges, tunnels, viaducts and thousands of signals, level crossings and stations. NW also manages 20 of the UK’s largest railway stations, while the others (2,500+) are managed by the country’s other train operating companies.


Existing reservations system failing in multiple areas:

  • Poor customer experience e.g. no ability to manage disrupted journeys
  • Scalability was needed. The existing system had fixed capacity without major investment to upgrade
  • Technical Debt – Current APIs required excessive maintenance and were not aligned to RDG’s Future State Architecture or that of many of the TOCs.


British rail industry membership body that brings together passenger and freight rail companies, wanted advanced reservation system without major investment to upgrade.


A new reservation system Sqills is to be introduced providing much needed functionality & resilience improvements.

MuleSoft will be implemented to abstract business logic from core systems and provide flexibility when integrating with TOC systems.


  • Improved customer experience, real-time updates for bookings
  • TOCs no longer constrained in offering new innovative services.
  • More reliable, scalable, and universally available services
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