Scaled and updated the existing ITSM processes in line with Industry standards. Consolidated their Service Desks and Improved end-user experience

The Company

Costa Coffee is a British coffeehouse chain with headquarters in Dunstable, England and is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world, and the largest in the UK. It has 3,401 stores across 31 countries. The business has 2,121 UK restaurants, over 6,000 Costa Express vending facilities and a further 1,280 outlets overseas, including 460 in China.


Customer wanted to consolidate existing multiple Service Desks to one Global ServiceDesk. Also, it had the processes which were outdated and were not flexible. The main objective was to change the existing setup to move to digitally advanced and Agile technology.

The Challenge

ITSM processes were Outdated, Non- scalable and non-flexible with multiple Service Desks and many vendors. Managing multiple ServiceDesk’s and multiple vendors was becoming difficult to handle.

  • Lack of self service, dependency on manual templates. Not leveraging the Service Now capabilities.
  • High development and Catalog construct time and cost due to which customer was facing delays in bulk/ high complexity Service Catalog creation and implementing improvements and enhancements.

The Solution

Redesigned the existing processes.

  • Consolidated Service desks into one Global ServiceDesk
  • Implemented Helios apps in the Infra environment to enhance User experience.
  • Faster Build using AdfarTech’ s Catalog builder.
  • Streamlined fulfillment workflows for faster delivery time and issue diagnosis.
  • Defines the right measures of success and predictive metrics to identify performance gaps.
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