Single Page Implementation for Airline industry using Adobe and Digital Solutions


Aviation Industry


Airline has ancillary and flight status application on its website built on Angular.

The business/marketing team must raise tickets to update the content which is acted upon by developers as content is stored in static JSON files. The airlines wish to empower their business/marketing teams to update the content in quick and seamless fashion. The ask was to port Angular application to AEM to leverage AEM SPA editor authoring capabilities.

Client Location

Middle East


AdfarTech helped the airline in conducting a POC to port ancillary and flight status responsive application from pure Angular application to AEM v6.4.7 to leverage SPA editor capabilities for content authoring. After successful POC, AdfarTech engaged in full stack development to port existing Angular application to AEM SPA editor. Thus, using AEM SPA editor capabilities to author the content for SPA. It involved reuse and enhancement of Angular component and creation of custom components. Sling model exporter leveraged to create new custom components.

Technologies – Angular, AEM v6.4.7, AEM Angular libraries, NPM, Mockito, Jenkins, CSS, HTML5


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