Streamlining Financial Reporting for a Leading Asset & Wealth Management Firm with Dynamic Financial Calculation Assistant (ORCA)

Customer Context

A leading Asset & Wealth Management firm faced the challenge of managing complex financial calculations and generating accurate reports within the fast-paced financial landscape. The firm relied on multiple systems and custom developments for data extraction and report generation based on the general ledger account hierarchy. However, this process proved to be inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone, hindering their ability to make data-driven decisions and comply with regulatory requirements. The firm sought a solution to streamline financial calculations, improve data accuracy, and enhance agility in response to market dynamics.

Key Business Challenges

1. Inefficient Data Extraction: The manual extraction of data from multiple systems and databases was time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in delays and inaccuracies in financial calculations and reporting.

2. Custom Development Complexity: Relying on custom development for financial calculations and reporting demanded considerable resources and expertise, leading to higher costs and maintenance challenges.

3. Lack of Agility: The inability to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and report formats limited the organization’s ability to respond promptly to market dynamics and make informed decisions.

AdfarTech Solution

AdfarTech recognized the importance of streamlining financial calculations and reporting processes for the Asset & Wealth Management firm. To address their challenges, AdfarTech introduced the innovative Dynamic Financial Calculation Assistant (ORCA), offering the following solutions:

1. Centralized Business Logic: ORCA allowed the client to maintain their business logic in one centralized location, simplifying data extraction and calculations across various systems and platforms.

2. Reporting based on General Ledger Account Hierarchy: The powerful reporting capabilities of ORCA leveraged the general ledger account hierarchy to generate insightful reports aligned with financial structures and regulatory requirements.

3. Configuration Model: Moving away from custom development, ORCA provided a configuration model that empowered the client’s operations teams to manage and modify calculations and reporting formats with ease, promoting agility and adaptability.


The implementation of Dynamic Financial Calculation Assistant (ORCA) yielded significant positive outcomes for the Asset & Wealth Management firm:

1. The implementation of Dynamic Financial Calculation Assistant (ORCA) led to a 35% increase in operational efficiency and productivity. By automating data extraction and streamlining financial calculations, the firm was able to perform complex tasks faster and with greater accuracy.

2. By eliminating the need for extensive custom development, ORCA lowered costs and allowed resources to be allocated strategically to other critical areas of the organization.

3.The configuration model of ORCA empowered the client’s operations teams to swiftly respond to changing requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance and market responsiveness.

4. Reports generated based on the general ledger account hierarchy provided deeper financial insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and informed business strategies.

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