Streamlining Proposal Management System for a Biopharmaceutical Services Organization


The ultimate aim for a bio-pharmaceutical services organization are saving cost, time and enhancing business processes for pharmaceutical companies. In today’s era, industries are focusing on shifting from manual involvement to automated processes wherever applicable. Over the years, AdfarTech has developed modern capabilities to provision such transitions. We streamlined the proposal management system for our client resulting in reduced cost, time and resources.

About the Client

One of a leading Indian based global bio-pharmaceutical services organization that helps pharmaceutical companies to expedite time-to-time market through a broad range of development and launch services

Business Challenge

The existing proposal management system took additional time, increased demand for resources and added up cost for the client. They were not satisfied and wanted to overcome below challenges:

  • Client had manual process for proposal creation and management.
  • Decentralized budgeting was done through disparate systems.
  • Highly experienced people to execute process manually.
  • 50% effort of highly skilled resources was required to complete the proposal.

The client chose AdfarTech trusting our decades of experience in streamlining processes for our industry focus areas.

Our Solution

They needed an end to end streamlined solution for proposal management in order to achieve cost reduction and resource optimization. We implemented the below steps to cater their business needs:-

  • Provided single unified proposal management system
  • Configurable workflow functionality to groups or individuals, different outcome paths and notifications
  • Batch driven real time updates of common data within the solution
  • Solution encompassed validation rules, calculations, algorithms and version schemes to ensure data integrity, correctness and completeness

Delivering more value

  • Productivity: Improved productivity by around 30%
  • Timeliness: Accelerated business development process due to reduced proposal turnaround time
  • Streamlining of process: Provided single source of truth for pricing related activities resulting in providing competitive cost proposal
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