Structured data delivery strategy

About the client

The client is a leading corporation based out of the USA and operates a chain of luxury hotels and casinos. They build loyalty and value with guests through a unique combination of great service, unbeatable gaming, hospitality and entertainment offerings, operational and technology excellence, and industry-leading corporate citizenship.

Business Challenge

The client’s hotel management system was supporting multiple business functions across multiple locations. With data coming in from multiple sources the client required a solution that could provide the ability to collect, manage, integrate & disseminate data for multiple enterprise applications.

The client wanted a structured data delivery strategy within the organization that would address the organizational conflicts resulting from the mismanagement of information and data. Some of the key objectives the client wanted to achieve were

  • Generate actionable business insights from collected data
  • Personalization of services
  • Mitigate risk & fraud
  • Build a better guest experience
  • To achieve the above-mentioned objectives the client wanted a partner who could:-
  • Provide managed EDM services
  • Provide domain expertise for systems catering to various functions within a hotel such as booking, offer management, inventory management, property management, content management, loyalty, hotel operations management, etc.
  • Provide risk-free and seamless integration of customized third-party solutions

Our Solution

AdfarTech Tech with its deep understanding of the hospitality business and expertise in digital technologies provided Enterprise Data Management services to the client.

The following are the list of activities performed by AdfarTech Tech:-

  • Managed services on Teradata
  • Migration of services to AWS cloud
  • Maintaining and supporting business operations on Teradata platform across business areas such as booking, offer management, inventory management, property management, content management, loyalty, hotel operations management, etc.
  • Maintaining all DBA functions in operation 24X7
  • Create and modify databases, perform capacity planning, issue and control grant rights for all objects within the database
  • Monitoring and controlling the system using various tools

Delivering More Value

  • 40% saving in data onboarding time owing to workflow standardization and mechanization
  • Improved flexibility and capability of services to tackle dynamic requests
  • Reduced financial planning time by 70 %
  • Improved quality of business insights from collected data
  • Enabled the client to reduce labor costs by 6%
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