Transforming Revenue Accounting Functions for a German Leisure Airline


The need to lower the cost of operations and create a differentiated customer experience in a competitive environment requires the capabilities of a technology vendor who can deliver value. AdfarTech with its flexible passenger revenue accounting function is at the heart of delivering value. Our MonaLisa passenger revenue accounting solution ensured that the client, a German leisure airline, was fully compliant with all the necessary airline business standards (interfaces with SIS, BSP, TKP, ARC, ATPCO, AIA, etc.). We also provided complete BPS services required for end-to-end processing of client’s data including fare, sales, and interline audit.

About the Client

A German leisure airline based in Frankfurt operates scheduled flights to leisure destinations in the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and the Caribbean. The airline is Germany’s third-largest commercial airline based on fleet size and passengers flown.

Business Challenge

With growing competition, tight margins, high cost, and elastic demand in the airline industry, the client realized that transformational initiatives were essential to improving the quality of customer service. They decided to streamline their revenue accounting functions while at the same time maintain the existing SLAs. The client faced the following key challenges before the implementation of MonaLisa:

  • Insufficient availability of detailed interline and fare audit reports
  • Lack of an automatic interface to the accounting system
  • Difficulty in managing history of coupons
  • Efforts to save costs

In short, the client wanted to fine-tune its IT outsourcing strategy to build a robust and highly scalable revenue accounting function.

Our Solution

In order to comply with complex industry business rules and requirements, the client chose state-of-art passenger revenue accounting (PRA) application—Monalisa—provided by AdfarTech The MonaLisa system and the experienced, knowledgeable team provided by AdfarTech helped them meet their future business needs. The team provided ongoing support to the airline in various areas of business including challenging transition periods when the airline was migrating from internal reservation system to their main GDS platform.

MonaLisa provided built-in interface with the client’s SAP financial system, thus enabling automatic export of the financial accounting data to their general ledger with minimal effort from the client. Some of the salient features of the application included:

  • Customized system features for the fare audit process with integrated billing memo proposal and Agency Debit Memo (ADM) dispute modules with exceptions, flight cancellations, and time change handling through the waiver module
  • Automated general ledger interface for all types of transactions according to the specification of accounts provided by the airline
  • Interface with alliance partners and other third-party providers
  • Customer service orientation through stringent SLA management
  • Repository of reports—over 200 Management Information System (MIS), tax, and other standard or airline-specific reports

Delivering More Value

  • More Strategic: The Monalisa system-generated customized and flexible reports to help the client’s management team during strategic planning.
  • More Responsive: The client was able to implement the requested system enhancements faster.
  • More Revenue: We were successful in improving cash flows through the detection of unrealized revenue. Improvement in ROI and reduction of risks were driven by our in-depth experience
  • More Satisfaction: We helped the client minimize revenue leakage. Outsourcing helped the airline use the crucial time for their core operations, helping them reduce the turnaround time of their services. We also reduced their employee training, retention, and turnover issues.
  • More Efficiency: The effectiveness of the process and solution provided to the client helped improve their overall efficiency.
  • More Compliance: We assured regulatory compliance through information transparency to the client.
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