What are the IT Resources

What are the IT Resources : IT stands for “Information Technology”. IT Resource is not bound to any computer, network, telephone system or any other software applications. IT Resource means interconnected with Computer hardware, software of equipment to process, manage and can access the data and also can store the electronic data. Or we can say

Any IT related resources governed by any organization including physical resources with IT like IT Infrastructure , Networking, Dbase, also include non physical like IT Experts, and IT professional skills. Click on link to get into detail https://www.webopedia.com/definitions/it-resource-management/  

Types of IT Resource

Resources are many of the types. These resources boost in the productivity and efficiency.

1. People
2. Information
3. Computer
4. Software
5. Hardware
6. Capital
7. Machine
8. Cloud computing

What is the importance of IT RESOURCES?

Majorly role to boost the productivity and efficiency of the organisation. With the resources people perform very fast compared to manual. Information or data which is generated by processing facts. It’s may be represent Symbol, graph, alphabets, digits, diagrams, pictures, to develop the services and generate the data we require resources. 
Through diagram its can be understand clearly:

Significant of IT Resource
Importance of IT resource


Also we understand different function of Staff Augmentation VS Outsourcing  click on  


IT Function

IT department plays a vital role to any organization success. Information Technology (IT) benefits the business and its give an opportunities to all organization perform efficiently and effective. They contribute in:

1. Governance
2. Infrastructure
3. Network contingencies
4. Application Development
5. Communication
6. Company Website
7. Digital Marketing

What is IT resource in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is internet based computing which deliver the resources on demand through internet. Information Technology Assets include server, database, software storage, networking and intelligence.
Cloud computing providers self manage and operate. These data enter enable the customers to store data, create networks and deploy applications. Cloud computing basically uses third party computing power to deliver services over the internet. History of Cloud computing can be understand through diagram.

history of computing
API Gateway

Types of Cloud Computing Models

Majorly there are three types of clouds-

1. Public Cloud
2. Private Cloud
3. Hybrid Cloud.

These clouds having similarly infrastructure with different management approaches. Basis of security requirements and cloud system management Organization choose one of these models.

Final Conclusion: IT resources are endless. They are not bound to any software. These resources boost the productivity of the business of the organization.


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