Staff Augmentation VS Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be sum up in three main features:


1. Collaboration with firm having the power to hire, train and manage the team of qualified professionals.
2. This team will have the authority to take care of predefined task.
3. This team is external team so they don’t have directly involvement into internal affairs.

Precisely client don’t have the control over workflow. Everything managed by the partner. Outsourcing the resources for full time not according to project.
But in Staff Augmentation process operation is very different.

1. In staff Augmentation process Client has the control over the day to day management of the project and manage the workflow easily.
2. They can buy temporary resources for particular period of time depends on duration of the projects and build a team and work as a core team.
3. According to project specialized person hire to the company who helps to team to accomplish the task.

Precisely in this process client can add/ remove resources as per their needs of the requirement. In details kindly click here.

satff augmentation vs outsourcing





    Types of Staffing

    Earlier we studied that “Staffing” is the process to provide resources to the different companies depending on their requirements. Now there are different types of staffing.

    1. Permanent staffing through consultant :
    2. Contractual staffing/ temporary staff through Augmentation process
    3. Part time staffing
    4. Outsourcing staffing again through third party
    5. Hybrid Model
    6. Remote that is Work from home

    You can click here to know in detail .





    Project outsourcing VS Staff Augmentation

    Project outsourcing is outsourcing the complete project to external company. And in Staff Augmentation process professional get hired in the organization and involved with internal team and work as a team.
    Now question raise what to choose? Well deciding to augment the professionals or outsource the project completely depends on Companies capacity, on their staffs and demands of project. If internal team is strong, reliable and can manage the deadlines then Staff Augmentation is a good option.
    If team is not strong, not reliable and cannot manage the project deadlines then in that case outsourcing the project is good option.
    The pros and cons of Project outsourcing and Staff Augmentation depend on Company goals. Under we compare the pros and cons.

    Pros of Project Outsourcing

    Company, having very tight deadlines irrespective to their projects. They have to manage day to day business during the completion of the project.

    1. Outsourcing the project is one of the benefits that project management is handled by outsourcing company.
    2. No needs of training require to outsourcing company.
    3. Outsourcing company‘s success more hitting the deadlines.
    4. No distraction. Means outsourcing team only focus on their project accomplished. They don’t involve to internal team that’s why internal team focus on their work and daily business not hampered.
    5. Decreased the management cost.

    Cons of Project Outsourcing

    1. Company having less control over the project. They can execute the project once deliverables, goals, deadlines meet by the outsourcing company.
    2. Most difficult to integrate with internal systems.
    3. Smaller project might be less cost-effective. Outsourcing company less interest to take small projects or may charge premium service.

    Pros of Staff Augmentation

    1. Control over the project. Means augmented staff involves with the internal team and work on project to complete the deadlines.
    2. Flexible completion of project or deadlines if project require more time then easily accommodate with internal team compare to outsourcing.
    3. Better integration with internal team. Well Staff Augmentation utilizes the company internal team. They don’t work individual this make much simpler process to accomplish the project as unite.

    Cons of Staff Augmentation

    1. Higher management cost.
    2. Distract from core business
    3. Companies bear the training cost as well.
    4. Can be more difficult to scale up. If there is any scope in the change of project then whole team will suffer and rehiring also according to project.


    Final conclusion: Organization and project are directly depending on each other. So it’s depending on organization on which services they want to avail. In every step are pros and cons but most important thing for project what kind of professional and services we are looking for. Organization has to choose the right talent as per the need of the projects.

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